Arrival – Monday Dec 10th

Coffee with Bennett and Sabine. Talked about my thoughts to then: (i) idea of ‘nature’, Wicken Fen – a highly constructed place, plenty of human intervention, there isn’t anywhere that’s ‘pure’, assumed and nostalgic idea based on a separation between humans and nature, we are nature. (ii) tension between my sense of the past, some nostalgia for it, and the impossibility of a return, the places I grew up are now completely transformed (links to (i)), same for Bennett. (iii) tension re the demand to ‘make something’, previous works about allowing the space to speak with as little intervention as possible (similarly dubious idea in itself), now more about dialogue, finding a way of interacting, recognising the connection and interrelatedness, and allowing forms of expression to emerge.

Spent time showing my portable electronic improvisation set-up to Sabine while Meri worked out her readings from Cage’s Indeterminacy for the evening performance.

Three days of fieldwork – Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th map

Spent three days walking along a section of the Wansbeck River, East of Morpeth, a short walk from Bennett’s house. Informed by my ‘rule’ that whatever you use should be ‘at hand’, a ready-mades hangover or plain laziness?, I was happy with this and felt happily smug / justified.

Day 1. Initially we visited the place where BH had made Aeolian harps. I was not happy with the sense of space, and SV with the aggressive presence of the road. Some discussion about acceptance of traces of human activity – counter acoustic ecology, but it was still too noisy for us. Have been thinking that SV and I are in some ways attuned to some of same values and priorities of acoustic ecology (we need to be able to listen in very particular ways and in consciousness-raising ways), however, our agenda / ideology / approach is distinct (in line with the project, it is about the working out of our embedded interrelatedness, exploring / discovering and understanding what that relationship is and says). In short, it didn’t feel right.

BH knowing exactly what we’re like it seems suggested the walk along the river. Straight away felt better. Read the rest of this entry »